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Do you have hail damage?

12 February 2013

How Can You Spot Hail Damage?

Hail damage can easily be seen on our cars, patio equipment and other outdoor items, but what we can’t easily see is the damage it does to our roof.  When hail damages your roof top, granules of the roof begin falling off, eventually allowing water to penetrate your roof.  This will cause leaking and can lead to massive structural and electrical damage.  The only person who can tell if you have hail damage is a trained professional.  If you decide to have your roof inspected by insurance, be sure to hire a contractor you trust to accompany the adjuster in the inspection.
Impact of Hail

Most people believe tornadoes and hurricanes are the most detrimental weather to impact the state of Texas, however hail storms are the most damaging weather event experienced annual.  Unlike tornadoes and hurricanes, hail storms effect every part of the state.  Over half of the total losses reported by property and casualty insurance companies are weather related damage, hail receiving the majority of the cost.

The best thing to do if you think you may have hail damage is call us. We will check out your roof and negotiation with your insurance.