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Surviving Water Loss Damage

14 April 2015

Most homeowners think water damage comes from an environmental hazard or a large leak such as your water heater.  What they don’t realize is the damage one leaky appliance can cause over months of going unnoticed.  Take a dishwasher for instance.  Nestled behind your cabinets are water lines connecting too and from the sink, which is then hooked to your plumbing.  A single rotted line can leak water each time you run your dishwasher, accumulating behind your cabinets.  After a few weeks, rotting and deterioration begins, creating mold and damaged cabinetry.  If you don’t catch it there, it can spread to the flooring in your kitchen and surrounding rooms.  Now you have thousands of dollars of damage to deal with.  Sometimes you don’t notice the damage until its spread into an adjoining room.

What To Do When You Discover Water Damage

At the first sign of damage, take as many photos of the affected area.  Contact your insurance company to send an adjuster out who will assess the damage.  Before you sign any documents, contact us to give you an estimate of what we think is appropriate.  We are able to negotiate terms and coverage with your insurance company, allowing a smooth recovery.