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The Importance of Staining Your Fence

14 April 2015

In the world of Home Owners Associations, there is little choice in the matter of home upkeep.  Thankfully, this keeps most neighborhoods beautiful and pride of ownership can be seen throughout.  There is more to the rules and regulations than just a pretty subdivision.  Many of the requirements are actually in the best interest of the homeowner. Maintaining your fence is not only important to the visual aspect of your home, but it protects your property and reduces liabilities you are accountable for should something happen in your yard.  While there are many types of fencing options to choose from, staining your fence can add a unique touch and polished look.  There are many benefits to staining your fence.

How Stain Protects Your Fence

Stain provides several methods of protection for your fence:

  • sealing and waterproofing
  • helps prevent mold growth
  • renews old and weathered wood
  • keeps UV rays from damaging the wood
  • prolongs the life of your fence
  • adds value to your home

Types of Stain to Choose From

There are three types of stain to choose from:

  • Opaque- provides a darker, more pigmented color
  • Transparent- allows wood grain to show through
  • Semi-Transparent- allows some wood grain to show with a darker pigment, this is the middle ground between the three stains

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