What Kind of Wall Texture Do You Have?

07 May 2015

Wall texture adds so much character to your house. For some homes, it is used to cover imperfections of the wall to keep from making several cosmetic repairs.  If you find yourself hating the look of your texture, maybe you find it outdated, changing the texture on your walls is always an option.  There are several types of texture available, shown on the photo above.  Drywall texture can also be paired with faux-finished paints to create a unique and stunning finish.  Choosing a texture depends on many factors including exterior and interior feel of the house.  Walls with high ceilings and dramatic features such as archways and exposed beams work well with deeper finishes, while slight and gradual textures work well in smaller rooms, with light hitting from angles.

What type of wall texture do you have? Feel like you may need a change?