Updating your back splash to upgrade your kitchen

10 June 2015

With the housing market booming, most of us are finding our equity increasing in our sleep, no upgrades necessary. For those of us who want to stay rooted in our current home, our surroundings may not be so indicative of this increase. Updating your back splash is an easy way to upgrade your kitchen, bringing color, depth or texture to your current cabinets and counter tops.

Types of Tiles
There are hundreds of choices for updating your back splash, but we will take Houzz word for it when they talk about the 8 Top Tiles for Your Kitchen.

      Lazer-cut Tile: A little pricier due to the quality material found in the tile itself, these elaborate designs can add movement to your quiet kitchen.


      Mirror Tile: These are great for special areas of your kitchen, such as a detached wet bar, or buffet area.


      Diagonal Tile: You can use any tile and kick it up a knock by placing it diagonally on your wall. While this results in a more tile, (roughly 10% more) it also assures that your chosen tile will look very unique in your kitchen.


      Large Pattern Tile: These larger designs allow a small kitchen to have big personality. Increase the feeling of space by utilizing these over scale patterns.


      Subway Tile: An oldie but goodie, subway tile can be used in various ways to create a timeless look in your kitchen. Often seen in contrasting shades of dark and light, subway tiles add character and a modern touch to any kitchen.


      Herringbone Tile: What a great way to add texture to your kitchen. These tiles come in a variety of colors and are typically larger to avoid becoming too busy.


      Specialty Cut: Live outside the box with a variety of shapes such as oval, triangle and others.


    Mosaic Tiling: If you really want a customized feel, add a mosaic tiling to a specific area in your kitchen. Typically these can be made in any design and size depending on your needs.

Here are some photos from Houzz to illustrate the different looks:
backsplash examples